Midwest Precision Casting

A Tradition of Quality

Midwest Precision: Professionally produces a variety of exceptional quality metal castings to satisfy our customers’ competitive needs.

Quality Assurance:
We continue to improve each foundry craft to produce quality castings for our customers

Our Story

Midwest Precision Casting Company (MWPC) is a domestic foundry with a long history of producing quality castings in stainless steel, low carbon steel, tool steel, bronze, hastelloy and other exotic/specialized metals to a variety of industries (see Industries Served for details).   We are proud of our casting capabilities that include investment wax, sand, and resin shell while offering value added operations upon customer’s requests.

Our quality assurance includes spectrographic metallurgical control on every heat poured.  QA testing can include X-ray, dye penetrant and Rockwell hardness upon request.