Quality & Tolerance

Every Midwest Precision casting has the assurance of Quality. Quality begins the instant you place an order. Each and every order is reviewed by our Production and Quality Control team who write individual quality control procedures for each and every casting.

That means YOUR casting!
Your casting is unique and special and our quality control staff treats it that way.

At Midwest Precision, your customer specific procedures become mandates for each department:

Wax / Molding – QUALITY
Foundry – QUALITY
Machine Shop – QUALITY

All along the production line, quality is not just implemented, it is imposed!

Quality: Our Top Product

Each mold of your casting is given an individual system of heading and gating. Each mold, whether in sand, resin shell or investment, is subject to test runs to insure that your casting is free of shrinks and defects.

Each metal pour is subject to computerized, spectrographic testing to insure metallurgical accuracy.

Your casting will also receive, if necessary, Rockwell Hardness Testing, Zyglo Dye Checking, Radiographic analysis (XRAYS) or physical testing for tensile strength and yield. All of these things are brought to bear insure the perfection of  your job!

Our staff is also eager to work with you on technical design issues that not only insure quality, but also keep down the cost of your casting.

At Midwest Precision we are not satisfied unless you are satisfied.

Come experience the quality that has made Midwest Precision Casting a leader in the foundry industry.