Our Products

Midwest Precision makes castings for the most dynamic businesses in America. Whether it’s pumps, valves, impellers, propellers, alloy pipe fittings, or parts for medical equipment or heat treating, Midwest Precision cast parts for these, and a thousand other businesses

Castings smaller than a thimble or heavier than fifteen hundred pounds, Midwest Precision can make them. Why such flexibility? Midwest Precision can meet the challenge of any part because we use all the classic foundry methods.


For intricate large parts that are difficult to cast to exact size and dimensions Midwest Precision’s sand foundry can make castings up to 1500 pounds and finishes of 190-210. Large parts not requiring much machining or tooling and a quick delivery time are a specialty of MWP’s sand castings.

Investment (Lost Wax Method)

Investment means lower end costs and higher quality. Your investment casting will eliminate tooling set-ups and save material. That’s big savings for you, as an investment cast part is made as close as possible to the final dimensions. That minimizes machining tooling costs. For intricacy, and the finest detail, the investment method produces castings which maintain tolerances of +/- .005 inch per inch and 125 micro finish. The investment method also offers flexibility of design, and a wide selection of alloys to choose from.

Resin Shell

Midwest Precision is one of the few investment foundries that also makes castings in resin shell. Resin shell castings can be made with fast turn around and delivery times and still maintain tolerances of +/- .1625, and finishes of 160 to 180. And they are, on average, one dollar per pound cheaper than investment castings.